Escape Rooms Athens

The Game

Can I bring food or drinks with me during the game?

Food and drinks, except bottles of water, are not allowed during the game. If you wish to enjoy your soda before (or after) your game, you can do that in our comfortable lobby.

Can I use my phone during the game?

Normally, cell phones are not allowed during the game. Although, if it is an emergency, you can exit the room at any time, but you should avoid doing so as much as possible, as this ruins the mood of the game.

Do I have to bring something?

No, you don't. Everything you need in order to solve each puzzle is part of the room you have booked.

What happens if we run out of time before we manage to escape?

If time runs out and you have not managed to solve the mystery and escape the room, the game unfortunately ends. The game-master responsible for your room will join you and guide you through the rest of the story that you did not manage to solve, so that you get a complete experience of the room you booked even if you run out of time.

Do I need to speak English fluently to participate?

Although fluent English is not a necessity, basic knowledge of the English language is required in some parts of the game. If none of your team's members possesses any English knowledge, you can use the "Notes" field when booking and we will prepare a Greek version of the room. Although a Greek version of the room exists, we suggest that you play the English version if possible as your experience will be more natural.

Is there any prior knowledge I should have before participating?

No prior knowledge is needed in order to participate in the game. The story of each room is self-explanatory and does not require any information that cannot be found in the room itself.

Can we ask for help during the game?

Each of our rooms has a "game-master" monitoring the team playing and providing hints to help the team. Although the game-master is monitoring the game, you may not directly ask for help. You should act as if you are part of the story at all times and the game-master will provide a hint whenever he thinks it is necessary for the progression of the story.



What time should I be there?

Since bookings are consecutive, you should make sure you arrive on time for your booking. We suggest getting here at least 10 minutes before the time of your booking, so as not to disrupt the schedule of your fellow ClueWarriors. If you are late, your team will either start the game without you, or you will get a reduced time in your game.

How do I book online?

You can easily book by going to our Book page, scrolling to the room you would like to book and clicking the bar at the bottom of each room's description. A popup will open and you can simply enter your name, email, phone number, and choose the size of your team. Then, we will call you to confirm your booking, and you are all set.

How can I book a corporate event?

If you are planning a corporate event, you can always contact us by e-mail or phone and we will take care of all the arrangements. You also get a discount for bulk orders.

Is booking online the only way to make a reservation?

While most escape rooms only work with online bookings, you can also book with us by calling us or simply by passing by and asking our recepionist about available timeslots.

Recommended number of players is 3-5. Can we come if we are 2 or 6?

Our rooms are designed and tested keeping in mind a set of 3-5 people playing the game. You can still make a booking and play the game if you are 2 or 6 people, but please try to avoid doing so, as you may not fully enjoy the experience. In case you are 2 people, you may find the game too hard (although we will be monitoring your progression and providing hints). Also, teamwork plays a really important part in the game, and from experience, we have seen that too many people inside the room cannot coordinate in an adequate manner. If you are confident that you can cooperate promptly with your team of 6 people, you are welcome to book using this option.



Can I inspect any item inside the room?

Every item inside the room can be part of the gameplay, apart from the air conditioning units and the heating units. Each room has a small set of special rules (e.g. "You do not need to move this big furniture") to provide extra safety and facilitate the players. Those simple rules are given to you by our friendly staff before entering the room. Please abide to them so that you can have a safe and pleasant experience.

What if I want to get out of the room for any other reason?

In case of an emergency, you may get out of the room at any time, but please avoid doing so unless it is an absolute emergency, so as not to spoil everyone's adventure.

I am claustrophobic. What happens if I want to get out of the room?

Our rooms are designed (and tested) with claustrophobic people in mind and are spacey enough and not too crowded in terms of furniture so as to accommodate everyone's need. No claustrophobic people had any problem during the game so far. Though, in the rare case you need to get out of the room, you can easily do it at any time you may wish so.

Is there an age limit?

Although there is no specific age limit (unless otherwise specified in each room's description), we suggest that the participants are at least 16 years old. Young children may also participate if accompanied by at least one adult supervisor (e.g. one of their parents) inside the room.



Can I order something to drink or eat before (or after) my game?

Currently, we do not serve food or drinks, but our lobby is equipped with two high-end vending machines, one for sodas and water, and one for coffee (hot or cold).

Where can I find discounts/offers that you may periodically have?

All offers and discounts are periodically posted on our Facebook page. Special offers may also appear in each room's description.